3-BulletFriday Week 45

Every friday I will post three artist (3 is my lucky number) that is my weeks findings on Spotify, iTunes, LastFM, Soundcloud etc... that really opened my eyes and ears to new great music. The key here is great songs, so no specific genre is favored.

I hope you'll enjoy these songs as much as I did. This weeks must listen to is:

Willy Tea Taylor

I had the Weird opportunity to discover his music the same day as I by accident was surfing my neighbourhood to se if there was any live act performing close by. And to my delight Willy Tea Taylor was performing less than 100 m from my house. He is so pure and sincere. His lyric and the way he delivers them is a must see. Hes also a very laidback dude on stage.

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Southside Café

These swedes are a tight duo. Southside Café is a collaboration between vocalist Anders Ljung and guitarist/producer Johan R Norberg. Their debut album “Monday nights at Southside Café” was released in december 2016. The odd thing is that me and Johan wrote a song together a decade ago but never met. Until a year ago in a Facebook group. Small world! Their songs are slick, well produced and melodic.

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Got to know Raven thorugh a site that a fellow muscian build called ATM. A great songwriter and she rap/sings cool songs. With a lot of dynamics and well thought bits in all her music. This is music that wants your attention and you better listen carefully. EMD and rap - how can you not like this!

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