3-BulletFriday Week 46

Every friday I will post three artist (3 is my lucky number) that is my weeks findings on Spotify, iTunes, LastFM, Soundcloud etc... that really opened my eyes and ears to new great music. The key here is great songs, so no specific genre is favored.

I hope you'll enjoy these songs as I did


Juxta is a post -punk band mainly consisting of one really driven dude John. But it is my understanding that due to collaborations and demands a band is now activated and performing. His music is edgy, crawls under your skin, makes your feet stomp and demand your attention. This is not music you have on low volume in your head phones.

My all time favoritue is "The Beautiful Ones". Check him out! And oh...check also his project Atom Collector Records (https://www.atomcollectorrecords.com/) out. A great site and community with a lof of great music.

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Ortense Blue

Ortense Blue is a singer, songwriter with a dark, indie folk style from London. "I Put A Spell On You" is a classic song. Gives me a feeling of a black and white movie, rainy and a dark evening and you walk and curse your loved one. Brilliant song, and very well performed vocally. Be sure to check her out!

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Verity White

Straight forward rock! In your face kind of - but still very melodic and catchy. She has a great voice with an exillent pitch. She's from the UK and has been awarded Best Female Indie Artist at the Spiderweb Radio Awards. Be sure to check her out!

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