3-BulletFriday Week 47

Every friday I will post three artist (3 is my lucky number) that is my weeks findings on Spotify, iTunes, LastFM, Soundcloud etc... that really opened my eyes and ears to new great music. The key here is great songs, so no specific genre is favored.

I hope you'll enjoy these songs as I did

Moon Dream

Susan Moss is Moon Dream, a singer/songwriter from US. Her voice is soft and fit perfectly to the melodic soft songs she creates. The soundscape is indeed dreamy but yet powerful and catchy. You should definitely look her up in Spotify! She's also the reason to why I give Pinterest a second chance.

image description

Jon Magnusson

Jon Magnusson is a Swedish songwriter and musician from Stockholm. He sings his own crafted songs in swedish and english. He is also the man behind the Facebook community #monsters - where a bunch of gifted musicians collaborate and share their music and experiences among each other. My personal favorite is "Ode To A Friend".

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T. C. Newman

Not in Spotify but an excellent song and melody maker from Finland. And just by an accident my personal favorite above is remixed by TC.

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