3-BulletFriday Week 49

Every friday I will post three artist (3 is my lucky number) that is my weeks findings on Spotify, iTunes, LastFM, Soundcloud etc... that really opened my eyes and ears to new great music. The key here is great songs, so no specific genre is favored.

I hope you'll enjoy these songs as I did!

Peter Wheeler

In 2007 at age 63 Montrealer Peter Wheeler bought his first guitar. He then went to amazon.com and purchased a book called “How To Play The Guitar for Dummies”! I mean really! I'm so impressed by this dude. I have been listening to his song in the community (Atom Collector Records) for a while now but decided to read about him and stumbled upon his story. And he does great music - be sure to check him out.

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Walter Mmari

This is his introduction on Soundcloud "An Airline Pilot by day, an Independent Musician by night creating music for your listening pleasure. I create ambient soundscapes mixed with modern experimental elements, chilled and mellow at times, fast and electric at others. Press play and let the lineup take you on a journey of self discovery." And does he deliver? Yes indeed! My all time favourite is "Broken Heart Bleeding Nose" .

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Is a fantastic sound scape creator that makes great ambient style kind of music. I love to listen to his music when I need to focus. Also one of the musicians that make the ACR a great community to be a part of. You must listen to "Diodal"

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