3-BulletFriday Week 50

Every friday I will post three artist (3 is my lucky number) that is my weeks findings on Spotify, iTunes, LastFM, Soundcloud etc... that really opened my eyes and ears to new great music. The key here is great songs, so no specific genre is favored.

I hope you'll enjoy these songs as I did!


A brilliant musician from Sweden creating groovy, soulful and great music. Like myself he plays all the instruments himself. I stumbled upon him in ACR (you know the community I'm a part of) and was floored by "This Is Why Sparks Fly". What a great tune! Make sure you give him a listen. Ha has made a lot of songs in Soundcloud and Spotify.

image description


Slick and groove dance music. Reminds me of old disco sometimes, but also Cerrone and Aniloop once in a while. The music is hypnotizing and makes you wanna dance all night long. Still very melodic and I love the guitars specially in "D1zc0" .

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3 Bucket Jones

This song "Melting" made me stop and just listen. What a great piece of music - well produced and composed. And the voices are crisp and heavenly. A new favorite in my collection. Makes you feel good!

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